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Custom Tesla Wraps in San Diego

Tesla owners have learned a whole new way of spelling the word SEXY.

What makes Tesla Models so SEXY?

Custom Tesla Wraps at DeluxWraps in chula vista, San Diego
Custom Tesla Wraps at DeluxWraps

Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S is a high-class sedan with the same long and low lines that you would find on most high-end vehicles. The Model S was launched in 2012, and it helped put Tesla on the map. Since its launch, Tesla has kept the Model S updated, and currently, there are two versions: Model S and Plaid. Plaid is the latest addition and flagship model. It offers sub-1.9s 0-60mph, with tri-motor propulsion. This is in contrast to the Model S's dual motor.

Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 was launched in the US in 2016 to be an affordable alternative to the Model S. Its prices have dropped to make it the most accessible Tesla to date. The Model 3 is the most popular Tesla on the road and is the most customized by car enthusiasts.

Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X is sometimes referred to as the "soccer mom"'s electric car but has recently picked up traction in the custom car world. The Model X is an SUV-style electric vehicle that can seat seven people. Much of its design is similar to the original Model S with the exception of the rear Gull Wing doors, which are iconic to the Delorean among other insanely expensive luxury cars, making it stand out.

Tesla Model Y

As a compact SUV, the Tesla Model Y is able to fill the gap between the Model 3 & Model X. It can seat five people, has plenty of space, and will appeal to those who are looking for something less expensive than the Model X.

S 3 X Y

Tesla Vinyl Wraps

Full Car Tesla Wraps

Full Car Tesla Wraps are most likely what you see on cars with dull matte colors, shiny metallic finishes, camo patterns, full digital print, or even Chrome vinyl wrap. Tesla customization has become very easy to do and popular with car vinyl wraps. While many Tesla wraps are seen in Matte Grey, bold colors are becoming more popular.

These are the top 3 reasons that Tesla owners color change vinyl wrap their vehicles:

1) You have a preference for a color that isn't available with limited factory Tesla colors

2) You are bored or tired of the current color of your Tesla

3) You want your Tesla wrap color to be unique from all the other Teslas.

Custom Tesla Model 3 Wrap | KPMF Green Black Iridescent
Custom Tesla Model 3 Wrap | KPMF Green Black Iridescent

If you keep up with Tesla wrap trends then you already know you can choose from a variety of colors when you vinyl wrap your Tesla with a color change wrap. Your Tesla can also be wrapped with a printed design or pattern. You have the option to design your Tesla Wrap or you can choose from pre-made printed patterns or crazy designs. You will have a stunning look no matter what color you choose.

Custom Pink Tesla Model 3 Vinyl Wrap

Fade Vinyl Wraps are becoming very popular. This pink Tesla Model 3 fade wrap was printed by We Print Wraps and installed by DeluxWraps. There are not many Pink Tesla Model 3's on the road so this one is definitely an eye-catcher.

Vinyl Hood Wrap and Roof Wrap

Roof Wraps are very popular options for other car makes as it gives the look of a panoramic roof as seen on the entire lineup of Tesla Models.

  • Hood Wraps are often offered as an option from other brand dealerships selling the car with Matte Black Vinyl. Carbon Fiber Vinyl and Gloss Black Vinyl are among the popular options when getting a Hood Wrap from a shop.

  • Roof Wraps are commonly installed with Carbon Fiber Vinyl and Gloss or Matte Black vinyl but it is not possible on a Tesla due to the fact they have glass roofs.

Tesla Customizing in San Diego

DeluxWraps has always been involved with the San Diego custom car scene. If you ever searched google for "Vinyl Wrap San Diego" or "Car Wrap San Diego" then chances are you have seen the name DeluxWraps show up in the listing or even on your map app of choice. Jeff, the owner of DeluxWraps, gives custom Tesla owners in San Diego custom Tesla wrap ideas all the time. Unlike Custom Dodge Charger Wraps and many other car models, Custom Tesla Wraps are much quicker and easier due to the smoother design of the Tesla Models.

But here's the kicker for all you audiophiles: right next door at Soundelux, we're elevating the Tesla experience even further with custom Tesla car audio enhancements. Whether you're looking for a bass boost or a complete sound overhaul, we've got the expertise and the passion to make your Tesla sing like never before.

Car wraps in San Diego are not the only reason why people come to DeluxWraps in Chula Vista. Tesla customizing in San Diego goes beyond just car wraps with a complete list of car customizing ideas to fit everyone's needs.

Other Tesla Customization services include:

Aftermarket part installation

San Diego Tesla customizing is very popular and not at all limited to just car vinyl wrap. Installation of aftermarket parts has been a huge part of the car community since cars became cars. Tesla customizing can range from vinyl wrapping the steering bezel cover to a complete makeover.

A few of the standard Aftermarket Part Installations include:

  • Tesla Taillight Tint or Headlight Clear Protection Film

  • Tesla Lip / Splitter / Diffuser kits

  • Tesla Spoiler or Wing Installation

  • Tesla Wheel powder coating

  • Custom modifications.

Tesla Wrap Removal

Vinyl wraps do have a limited lifespan. In San Diego, you can expect 2 to 4 years depending on the climate of where you live. So plan early for your Tesla vinyl wrap removal. Here at DeluxWraps, we charge an hourly rate for removals with no set final price as the job can take 1 hour or 8 hours depending on how long the vinyl wrap has been on the car and how well it has been maintained. Some people choose to try vinyl wrap removal themselves and find it to be too difficult. If you would like to learn how to remove a car wrap, see our blog post, 4 Tips For Removing Vinyl Car Wraps.


Delux Wraps specializes in customizing Tesla cars to create a unique look. You can change the color of your vehicle with our High-Quality Vinyl wraps or remove the chrome accents with a full Chrome Delete. Or get a more sleek look by Powder Coating your wheels. We make it easy to help our customers find the perfect look for their Tesla.

DeluxWraps is the only choice for custom Tesla Wraps in San Diego, located in Chula Vista near Downtown San Diego, and just minutes from Eastlake Chula Vista and Mission Valley. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please call us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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