Lowering springs are a great way to make your car drive in sport mode and look mean while on a budget. 


Lowering springs are exactly what the name suggests, springs that are lower than factory height. Unlike coilovers and air bag suspension, lowering springs have no adjustability and will make the ride quality much stiffer BUT are much more affordable. It is recommended to upgrade the shocks as well to get the best performance. 

A  few popular brands include Eibach, Tein, and RS-R.


  • Improved cornering – By lowering the center of gravity your cars weight will shift less while turning to keep the vehicle more level. Less weight roll means faster cornering. 

  • Spring Rate – In combination with the lower center of gravity, the increased spring rate of a lowering spring, which helps compensate for the shorter shock travel, improves handling by reducing body roll.

  • Aerodynamics – Lowering your vehicle improves the aerodynamics by reducing the amount of air passing under the vehicle. Reducing drag not only aids in performance but also improves fuel economy.

  • Visual appeal  – Let's be honest, its usually the main reason people lower their vehicle. A lowered car just looks awesome. 


After considering the different upgrade types under our SUSPENSION page and deciding you want to go with lowering springs, the next step is to call us and get a quote for installation at 619-471-5205 

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